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Now that the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College is fading into the rearview mirror, it seems like an appropriate time to ruminate a little on what the weekend was like, how this first blog experiment went and what others are saying about the 2008 FFW.  First, this blog.  When we dove into […]

I’ve enjoyed Cathleen Falsani’s religion column in the Chicago Sun Times for a few years now.  So I was looking forward to her coming to the 2008 Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College.  I wasn’t so thrilled when I saw she was slated to speak at 8:30 am on Saturday morning.  Yikes.  What […]

I remember shopping in a bookstore in Moscow several years back and picking up an English-language book called Twelve Stories of Russia, A Novel: I Guess. I couldn’t help but buy the book because nothing can be more interesting to an American living in Russia than a book written by an American living in Russia […]

No, this isn’t an indictment directed at the other bloggers on this site. They’re doing a wonderful job with their posts on Festival sessions. Actually, I’m just repeating what Zondervan acquisitions editor Angela Scheff and writer Shauna Niequist said in a packed 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning session. What they said at the very beginning of […]

It wasn’t first time I had viewed “Beauty of the Spirit,” the exhibition of paintings by artists and illustrator Kadir Nelson at the Center Art Gallery. I had gone to see the show soon after it opened. It was, however, the first time I had bought a book there and had it autographed by the […]

The approach that Nigerian author and Jesuit priest Uwem Akpan takes to his short stories, of which I have read none, was revelatory. Susan Felch, a Calvin professor of English, told her own story about Akpan’s presence at the Festival of Faith and Writing: “About a year ago, I was thumbing through the New Yorker. […]

When creating a painting, the goal of artist Kadir Nelson is to make his paintings “sing.” Nelson relayed that thought to a large audience in attendance at his presentation at Calvin’s Festival of Faith and Writing Friday afternoon. So how does Nelson make his paintings sing? The answer is simple: By going the extra mile […]