Painting vs. Line Art


One thing that I found interesting about the Graphalogia session with Kevin Huizenga and Jon Muth was how different their chosen media are. Many there may not have realized it because of the lack of images shown to the audience, but Kevin works in the style of more traditional cartoonists using line art while Jon’s artwork is mostly painted. And yet both work in similar ways, telling stories with their artwork.

When talking about how the modern day comic/graphic novel industry differs from the past one thing that they failed to mention is how accepting the current industry is to different media. In the past, painted art was primarily reserved for book covers while interior art was almost always done using line art (some better, some worse, of course). Now, it is not surprising to see an occasional story or even a whole series using painted artwork and sometimes, there are books that mix the two, often using the styles of art portray different scenes or moods. This is even true for long-running, mainstream comics that are far from Keven or Jon’s work. It’s another way the industry had diversified and, as I think Kevin was saying, is another way in which there may be a critical mass of work out there to sustain the comic industry and avoid another early-90s-like crash.

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