Dont’ forget ot edi t you’re posts


No, this isn’t an indictment directed at the other bloggers on this site. They’re doing a wonderful job with their posts on Festival sessions. Actually, I’m just repeating what Zondervan acquisitions editor Angela Scheff and writer Shauna Niequist said in a packed 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning session. What they said at the very beginning of the session really got me: even if it is a blog post that needs to get out very quickly, it still needs editing. My writing is getting out to a very public place where people can read and scrutinize it. It doesn’t only need to have a spell check run through it, it also needs to be re-read for style and grammar issues.

I would add one thing to this: posts by bloggers everywhere should be re-read and scrutinized not only for spelling and grammar and style issues, but also for general relevance and helpfulness. Does my post just add to all the noise in the blogosphere, or is it actually out there to help someone find a resource or understand something better?


6 Responses to “Dont’ forget ot edi t you’re posts”

  1. After she said that, I felt so guilty about my blogging skills. I was typing up information so quickly, because of the limited time between sessions, that I know a lot of my writing is bad (grammatically and structurally).

    As a professional writer (and after spending bucko bucks on my graduate school degree to get there, I feel like I can somewhat say that), I need to edit myself. Even while blogging.

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