Next Week Ruminations


Now that the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College is fading into the rearview mirror, it seems like an appropriate time to ruminate a little on what the weekend was like, how this first blog experiment went and what others are saying about the 2008 FFW. 

First, this blog.  When we dove into this project last week we weren’t 100 percent sure where it would take us.  The blog was an attempt by our communciations and marketing team to cover the festival in a slightly different way than normal:  through the combined forces of many of our team members and via the vehicle of WordPress.  I think we did well in some areas and in other places we would likely make some tweaks.  But overall I think the folks in C&M did an extraordinary job and this was one experiment I would love to replicate in 2010.

Second, the festival itself.  In a word, extraordinary.  For three days the Calvin campus had a vibe that was hard to miss.  There were almost 2,000 visitors to our campus, folks who by Saturday no longer felt like strangers.  The festival welcomed them with open arms and enveloped them in a swirl of books, writers, readers, faith, doubt, energy, enthusiasm and more.  It was, as always, an amazing three days.

Finally, the blogosphere.  What a cool thing to do Google blog searches in the days since the festival began and to see the wide variety of people who were here and to read their take on the every-other-year event.  Herewith a few of my favorite posts:

Feel free to add your own links in the comments!  Until 2010, I remain …

Phil de Haan, director of communications and marketing, Calvin College


2 Responses to “Next Week Ruminations”

  1. 1 Ruth

    I posted a bit about FFW, and will probably more often.

  2. 2 slowlane

    Chip MacGregor had a nice post on the festival.

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