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Now that the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College is fading into the rearview mirror, it seems like an appropriate time to ruminate a little on what the weekend was like, how this first blog experiment went and what others are saying about the 2008 FFW.  First, this blog.  When we dove into […]



(Cross posted by Danny on I’ve Only Been Wrong Twice) I have to admit that I left the Graphalogia session a bit early because, no offense to the talented artists leading the session, the whole thing was a bit mundane. They did bring up a point which I thought was worth hearing, especially at a […]



(Cross posted by Danny on I’ve Only Been Wrong Twice) I have to admit: Michael Chabon was one of the main draws for me to come to this year’s Festival of Faith and Writing. He’s been a huge… not influence, but inspiration, of mine for the last few years. His ability to make heroes of […]

Mary Gordon sure knew how to bring a festival about often high-minded literature back down to earth! Of course, there were ample references to Jane Austen, Gogol and other canonized writers to keep the literary crowd happy, but she didn’t shy away from questioning whether books written by those authors actually have the ability to […]

Novelist Michael Chabon, Life of Pi author Yann Martel, and children’s author Katherine Paterson are among the constellation of novelists, poets, playwrights, illustrators, screenwriters, memoirists, graphic artists and others featured at the 2008 Festival of Faith and Writing, held at Calvin College Thursday through Saturday, April 17–19. Award-Winning Authors The Pulitzer Prize-winning Chabon, Man Booker […]